VIEW: Russian Realm

Russian Realm

russia map
Map showing regions of the Russian realm. Image courtesy of Wikitravel.

The Russian realm can be defined by the following major geographic qualities:
  • Largest realm
  • Mountainous
  • Relatively small population for its size
  • Complex political geography
  • Concentrated, small developed/urban area
  • Lack of water access
  • Political & economic breakdown due to communism and post-communism transition
  • Many natural resources
Absolute Location (of Moscow, the capital): 55º N latitude 37º E longitude.
Relative Location: Located in northern Asia and bordered by the Pacific and Arctic Oceans. The Arctic Circle cuts through northern Russia.

The Russian realm can be divided into four regions:
  1. Core and peripheries (western Russia)
  2. Eastern Frontier
  3. Siberia
  4. Far East
The following video describes the geography, history, and growth of one of Russia's major Far East cities, Vladivostok.

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