Bad Dog Owners

It never ceases to amaze me how bad some pet owners can be these days. It seems the incidents of dog attacks are increasing instead of decreasing like you would think since in many places they are finally holding these lousy pet owners responsible; both civilly and criminally. Pretty much everyone has had at least one close call with an aggressive dog at some point in their lives, it seems this is true even for US Parks officers as one was just attacked by a Pitt bull.

I guess they just need to keep stiffening the penalties until they find the one that makes people think before they act or in most cases neglect to act in regards to having and controlling one or more dogs. Take this story below; this knucklehead is rightfully getting slapped with assault of an officer.

A man was arrested Monday after his off-leash pit bull attacked a U.S. Park Police officer and his horse in Crissy Field.

The dog was barking at the officer and his horse while they were on a routine patrol near the West Bluff area of Crissy Field, said National Park Service spokesman Howard Levitt. The officer asked the man to control his pit bull, but he did not comply.

The dog then bit the horse’s stomach and rear leg, Levitt said. The horse fell, bringing the officer down as well… Link to full article: Owner arrested after dog attacks cop, horse – San Francisco Examiner (blog)

Here’s another one…

This lady can’t figure out how her dogs got out and attacked a man when she has the crappiest fence I have ever seen. What did she expect? People want to own multiple dogs and don’t realize what that means. It is called pack behavior and it causes many human deaths a year. When animals get in packs it brings out the hunter in them and that can be very dangerous.

My neighbor has 5 huskies. 4 females and one male. Yesterday she said 3 of the females attacked and hurt the other female and she thought it may be because she was in heat. Well that is exactly what it was, pack behavior. The subordinate female went in heat and the dominate female got the other two subordinate females to aid in the attack.

To own multiple large breed dogs it should be law that you have to take and pass classes to ensure you know exactly how to handle a pack of dogs but sadly that won’t happen any time soon until enough people get tired of loved ones being hurt, maimed or killed by packs of dogs.

Remember with single or multiple dogs, how you react can mean the difference in what happens. 2 dogs came at me the other day while riding my bike so I jumped off the bike right away and kept it between them and me. I then grabbed my dog repellent spray, although I wasn’t running, and had it at the ready.

I think my aggressive posture made them re-think things and they took off. I then was able to ride away. Why? Because I at no time felt fear, I was pissed from the moment they came at me until about 5 minutes after I had already rode off and they went home.

Normally I carry a retractable steel baton with me as well as the dog pepper spray when I ride but I forgot it this time and go figure it would have been nice to have although I made out okay without it.

Stay safe out there!