6 Essential Car Maintenance Tips for Uber Drivers

Your car is the most important asset if you are running an Uber business. As a result, you need to ensure that your car is in the best condition at all times. Uber customers love the fact that they can ride in a clean, upscale vehicle at prices cheaper than a typical taxi.

Many drivers lack enough knowledge when it comes to maintaining their cars. The following article is designed to address critical areas where checks are to be performed on vehicles on a daily basis. This will keep your car in the best operating condition at all times.

1. Wash your vehicle regularly

Every car in the Uber business needs to be very clean. The exterior and interior parts of the vehicle have to be cleaned thoroughly. As part of car maintenance, the engine should also be pressure washed every once in a while.

2. Regular oil and fluid checks

One of the most vital car maintenance procedures is to check the engine oil frequently. The oil should be changed on a regular basis following the manufacturers recommended interval. Not staying on top of oil and oil filter changes may lead to an engine failure. To save money, all you need is a set of car ramps, oil drain pan, wrench, oil, oil filter, and maybe an oil filter wrench.

The other car fluids need to be checked as well although they do not need as much attention as the engine oil. These include coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and of course windshield washer fluid to name a few. Make sure they are all at the right level and top off as needed.

It’s a great idea to use a good fuel injector cleaner or fuel system cleaner on a regular basis. It’s cheap and will often increase power, fuel efficiency, and just make your car run smoother in general.

3. Wax your vehicle

You definitely want to make sure that the exterior of your car is clean and the paint stays in good condition. This will also protect it from the elements. You can quickly achieve this by applying a quality wax on your car twice a year using a buffer. These days, you don’t need the best car buffer in the world to polish out imperfections and apply a coat of wax. Inexpensive models under $50 can do just as good a job as a $200 model. It is a great way to make your car look like new and get more customers.

4. Maintain the wheel bearing

KBB advises you have a full inspection, clean up and repack of wheel bearings with grease when you are having your vehicle serviced. Hub and spindle replacements are expensive procedures. These can be avoided by having the wheel bearings greased.

5. Grease all movable parts

The survival and longevity of your car is dependent on everything before sufficiently lubricated. Grease should be applied to all moving parts that rub against each other. This will prevent wear and tear from happening.

6. Maintain the cooling system

Another car maintenance tip is to change the coolant annually and flush the cooling system as a whole. To have a cooling system that is functioning well, distilled water and coolant are to be added in equal amounts. Corrosion and formation of deposits in the cooling system can occur if regular tap water is used.

These are just a few ways you can help maintain your car for years of successful Uber driving.